„The most exciting thing is when you are inside an abandoned building and you don´t now what are waiting you behind each door,“ sais urbexer from the country of the Land of the Rising Sun

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„I am nobody but an explorer,“ sais about her own jung Japanese lady who has been doing urban exploration since 2006. She is known as a TomBoy and in addition to great pictures of the amazing places around the world is known by leaving small carts with the picture of a woman with a gas mask. She leaves them in places which she loves as a peace of her.

Abandoned hospital was her first exploration. It was closed because managers misappropriated money for its working. She remembers this visit till today and place describes simly like „creepy“.

The desire for discovery abandoned, where the silent and loneliness reign, leds her to places like „Clinic H“ in Japan, abandoned railway station „Buffalo Central Terminal“ in New York which was built in art deco style, „The St. Agnes Church“ for afro-american inhabitants, The Great Mill in France or spainish „Sabinosa´s sanatorium“ where lots of orphaned children were prisoned and maltreated during the Franco´s regime.

And hospitals and industrial buildings are places which she likes the most. She likes to walking throug huge factory halls with rusty industrial things and another old equipement. And she doesn´t hasitet to take great risk for entrance.

„When I explored an abandoned shipyard. I wanted to go to the second floor so I started to climb some old branches stuck on the wall. But I fall down because one of the branch was broken.“ At the time, she seriously injured her leg and losted lot of blood. But the nasty injury which could mean permanent damage didn´t take away her love to explore more and more.

Although her favourite places are abandoned island Gunkanjima which is visited by her almost every year and abandoned „Hachio Oriental Resort Hotel“ where nowadays nature blends with original equipment, she sais that Europe is the best for exploration in many cases. „In the US, I think we have to pay more attention to bad fellows than guardians, because of gun politics. At this point, I feel it´s easier to explore in Europe and Asia. The European and Japanese law is not strict about urban exploration. Europe is best becauce there are many countries. Thanks to that I can watch a variety of architectural styles of abandoned buildings, feel history from them.“

Japan, though it hardly anybody could imagine, is full of unique abandoned places. Those buildings are almost easy to go in and out. Even so, urbex isn´t so widespread in Japan and Asia in general. „People around said ‚It is dangerous! It is strange hobby!‘“ But her friends recognized it is a good and inspirational hobby.

„Sometimes I go alone but sometimes go with my explorer friend. I met many people around the world and some of them are now my best frends,“ says and adds that thanks to this each of expeditions to abandoned places is great.

And there is still more to discover. She has had countless great places and she published photos from this locations on her website. But, figuratively, it still lot of work. Nowadays she wants to explore some unexplored place. „I really want to do something daring. I would try to explore an abandoned place in Siberia.“

She thinks of visiting the Czech Republic, too. „I want to see the Church of the Ghosts,“ adds to conclusion. And although Milovice which she wanted to visit, too, was demolished, here is many places which we may be will see in her gallery one day.

foto: Tomboy

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