Heavy workload at school

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Heavy workload at school

Příspěvekod Fillis » pát 03. lis 2023 9:27:55

Hello! I would like to consult with those whose children go to school. A real nightmare awaits me now. My daughter is very nervous before exams and constantly divides up assignments. I want to give her some rest and have someone else do her essay. Would this be a legal step?

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Re: Heavy workload at school

Příspěvekod JoshuaRoberts » pát 03. lis 2023 11:28:19

Fillis píše: Would this be a legal step?

There are different opinions on this matter. Some teachers have a very negative attitude towards any help. But I always ask a counter question - what about tutors? If one thing is legal, then online help with assignments is also legal. The main thing is to recognize in time the line between looking for a role model and outright plagiarism.

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