From Poland with beer(love) ^^

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From Poland with beer(love) ^^

Příspěvekod KilerKingBee » ned 28. srp 2016 13:34:08

Hello, my fellow Czech brothers!
My name is Krystian and I live in a small town in Silesia 30km from the Czech Republic border.
I've been an explorer for a year now and I realy enjoy it. Not only for the views but also as a stealth training(wich I am all into, becouse of my hunting related dreams).
Lately, I have been doing some "hard to access" exploring types and I must say this is realy rewarding.
I was in Czech Republic 2 times(in Cesky Cieszyn) and realy enjoyed my time there(you've got realy good craft beers, guys^^).
I'm working full time, but everytime I have some free time I go for exploring.
That's it for now, hope to meet some nice people out there ^^

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Re: From Poland with beer(love) ^^

Příspěvekod Sizeer » čtv 25. led 2018 9:22:50

What abandoned places in Poland have you visited and what has had the greatest impression on you? Regards

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