Cheers from bavaria!

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Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod schräglage » úte 07. dub 2015 0:42:26

Hi folks!

My name is Leon (aka schräglage) and i'm living in the south of munich near the alps. I've been urbexing for about 4 years now and already visited locations all over europe. In the past months I went to czech a few times and i recognized, that this is one of the best places to urbex... There are not that many well known locations (apart from meth church and the nine ghosts ;) ) and you can still find many completely new places that are pretty nice to explore and photograph. So i started researching online and found this forum..

Beside urbexing I spend my time mountainbiking and photographing "normal" stuff. I'm admin of the biggest german urbex community as well which also requires a lot of time.

You can find my pictures here:

I'm really looking forward to look through the forum tomorrow but for now i should really go to bed :D


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Re: Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod MJJ » stř 08. dub 2015 4:34:43

Hi mate, on about 13th of May I´m heading from CR towards Wörthersee car meeting in Austria with friend of mine. Around that time, we want to spend some time in Alps on the route. Just in case you are into it and somewhere nearby that time, we can meet and do a bit of urban exploration in Austria and hopefully not get busted. :) If you´re interested, send me a personal message. Urban Exploration worldwide ;)

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Re: Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod Rendy » čtv 09. dub 2015 11:07:47

Hi my friend! Your photos are very beautiful :drool: I modified the codes in your signature :D :nice: I look forward to your next places :) If you wish, you can log in each month to our competition :cool: current month topic in category of models viewtopic.php?f=26&t=512
For which urbex community you are admin? :)
see you!
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Re: Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod schräglage » pon 04. kvě 2015 11:35:17

Sorry for the late answer, i'm writing many exams at the moment so i don't have that much time ;)

I'm glad you like my pictures, thank you!

I'm Admin of the geheime-welten community.

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Re: Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod Nele » pon 18. kvě 2015 9:34:11

Tschüss Leon, sehr schóne Foto! :)

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Re: Cheers from bavaria!

Příspěvekod wolfmeowbear » stř 07. pro 2022 8:30:15


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