Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

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Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod starfish » čtv 09. črc 2015 20:29:57

Hi urban explorer from Czech Republic!

My name is Starfish (Chloé for the intimate ;) ) and I'm a 21yo french girl that looooooves urbex!
As I don't speack Czech at all it were really hard to create an acount on this website so i'm glad 'cause I DID IT! So i'm sorry, I think that you have a "presentation" section but as Idon't understand a single thing here yet, I'll introduce myself on this trend :lol:

So as I saif I'm 21yo, I'm French (wow, what a surprise isn't it!) and I like.. Urbex! Yay! Just joking, i'm also a bass player and a singer and I'm studying acoustics (all hail to physics!!!). I love science-fiction (books, movies, roleplay games and all that's around this universe) and I'm kinda what we call a "geek".
Since my true passion, my love, my reason to live is music I liste to almost anything that I can hear, but mostly grindcore and other metal-underground-weird-genre. I also love techno, electronic music and all. Here's 2 video of what I'm listening right now!! (not in the meantime...)

Well, let's talk now : I'll be living in Prague in September and, as I love urban explaration in my town, I were wondering if anyone who speaks English (of course ^^ ) would like to be my "guide" for my first days in Prague! I'm looking for roof climbing, walks inside the center, and of course urban exploration! If there's any undergrounds to see (as the catacombs in Paris or old mines...) I'm also intersted.
Yeah, I know : we don't share location that easelly (same in France, don't worry!) and that' not what I'm asking to any of you! I just wanna meet urban explorer from the country were I'll be living soon and some advice about the intersting location! I also have a little question, how are the cops in this country with urban explorers?

here's my Flickr galery for those who wanna see, I didnt upload all my exploration yet, only two are visible : https://www.flickr.com/photos/133689005@N04/ The first is an abandonned Superhalle, they were stoking meat, coffea and a lot of things to eat inside (the smell were terrible inside the place were they stocked the meat); the second one is an abandonned workplace... Nobody knows why they quit the place and left everything behind them, but it's wonderfull to be lost in nature and to see how she can take back her rights on human occupation.

As you can see I'm not a newbie, just looking for information and introduction to the Czech underground world! If you have any good adress in Prague for a beer, or grindcore concert (exept Obscene Extreme Fest...), or anything that might intersest me, well... I'm reading you!

Thanks for you attention and have a good night! :mrgreen:

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Re: Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod F..l » pát 10. črc 2015 14:36:00

Hello, welcome there :)

It's funny, because this is probably the first time ever I am visiting this section of forum (I am a bit bored last days so I am exploring internet, yes internet becase there is nobody aroud to go urbex somewhere outside :( )
Anyway the funny thing is to meet there a girl who likes urban exploration, roof climbing and also hardstyle/hardcore (all in one :lol: :lol: ) because this gengre of music isn't much popular in czech yet :/ .. My favourite one from Gunz4Hire is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iznhCWlT8RU :)

I hope you'll like it here on the forum and also in the Prague and Czech in general, unfortunately I can't guide you trought Prague, because I am not living there now, but I am sure that you will find somebody (and maybe even with better english than me :mrgreen: ) because in Prage there is quite a lot of explorers ;)

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Re: Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod starfish » pát 10. črc 2015 20:32:15

Ahah them we can consider ourselves as lucky !

I don't have an exelent English, but I think that I'm quite good in this language ^^ I can't explore this forum because I don't understand anything and google trad is sooooo bad that I don't even want to try to translate it :lol:

Thanks for the song, I didn't knew this one and she's quite good! I though that hardstyle and hardcore were popular in your country because of this :
I could listen to this song in repeat mode for hours ahah ^^ If you have any music for me, I'm curious about it ;)

I already meet some urbexers but they're expatz ans, as I'll be studying in erasmus, I really hope that I'll meet Czech people... My favorite part of traveling is the discovery of a new culture (and I can share French culture too! Well, not French because I'm from Bretagne... We have a lot of rave party here BTW ^^)

If you wanna explore the internet, there's this website : http://www.theuselessweb.com/
Have fun ;)

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Re: Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod F..l » pát 10. črc 2015 21:10:29

Your english is good - I can understand you and it's a good sign :P
I can understand your language problem. To be honest I would have the same problem on french forum :mrgreen: ..

True, techno is quite popular, because there is several techno festivals, especially in summer ;) But I don't listen this kind of music so I don't know the details :P
But if you like hardstyle there is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaTXW1rXbDs (second half of video) and it is in Prague in october or november, I am not sure :cool: I think that in western Europe is hard dance music much more popular than in Czech.. It is typical music for the Netherlands and Belgium :hmm: Wanna go there to visit some really big festival in future :roll:

So you're here on erasmus program? Cool ;)

HaHa, thanks for the website, I have found plenty of useful informations :mrgreen: You made it? :cool: :lol:

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Re: Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod RayeR » úte 14. črc 2015 3:38:21

BTW when we're talking about music, I mostly listen to metal/punk and sometimes a little bit of EBM. Here's one with industrial/urbex theme video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK6kM2dzeXk
In 95% of Prague clubs you'll find just a common soft disco style, it's near everywhere :\. I think that Germany is the Mekka of hard electro/industrial style and you can find great festivals there like WGT in Leipzig but it has passed for this year (22.-25.5) so you could try next time. Yes, we also have some alternative clubs here, you can try e.g.:
sometimes there are metal concerts in:
And here are a lot of pubs with good beer, hope this helps :)
BTW when your'e from France, do you know this band? I saw them with a friend last year in Cafe na pul cesty. They played there for free so we then bought a Jagermeisters shots for the band :)
I wouldn't call myself to be a "real urbexer", we have another experts here, coz it's not my primary hobby but when there's an ocassion and time I explore it. I also like to climbing anything high enough :)
Currently I don't know what part of sept. I will be in Prague and somewhere on vacation. But I think I may find some free evening :)

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Re: Hi from FRANCE, come to live in Prague soon!

Příspěvekod starfish » pon 03. srp 2015 19:24:14

Hi there,

Sorry for the time I took to answer, I were away from the internet and technology for a while (feels good to get back to nature and stuff..)

F..I : So no, I didn't made the useless website but it's quite good when you don't know how to spend your time :P
I'll go to netherlands for festivals too, and I'll spend some week-ends in Germany for clubbing with hardstyle! Maybe we'll meet eatch other without knowing that it's eatch other, that would be quite fun ahah ^^

RayeR : whooooah, thanks a lot for this! You're realy helping me here! For festivals, I can't wait to be at the obscence exterme fest next year, but I have to admit that I don't know a lot about other festival that you might have in Czech Republic :P
I didn't know the band, but I like it, so thanks for this too!
And I also hope that i'll meet you in Prague, eve for a drink and a little climb on a roof (if I'm not too drunk of course, I'm from Bretagne and whe have a realy cool reputation for other Frenchies.. ;) Jägger is a drink that I enjoy on the rocks too, BTW *laught* )

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