Another English person in CZ!

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Another English person in CZ!

Příspěvekod thecrazyfool » stř 11. kvě 2016 13:24:16

Hello all!

Just joined your website. Am an urbexer from the UK. You can find me on Oblivion State and 28 Days Later under the same username.

I have been exploring since 2011 and have been doing it all over Europe. I must have explored over 50 places so far!

Started going often to the Czech Republic (Prague) for personal reasons so thought why not start urbexing in your country!

Not sure if I can link to my photos but my urbex pictures are on flickr:

Hope to hear from some people!

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Re: Another English person in CZ!

Příspěvekod wolfmeowbear » pát 18. lis 2022 10:16:20

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Re: Another English person in CZ!

Příspěvekod wolfmeowbear » stř 07. pro 2022 8:36:44


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