Transparent shoes with a long dress

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Transparent shoes with a long dress

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When it comes to versatility, maxi dresses are the most trusted piece, as they can be worn both in the hot summer seasons and in those where you have to layer up to cover yourself from the cold.
Combining them with transparent heels has been the success of the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer catwalks as well.

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Transparent shoes with short dresses
The translucent leaves allow the heel to be the jewel in our outfits, that is the case with the design presented by the Italian company Giambattista Valli, in its Spring-Summer 2022 collection.
Wearing a short dress with sheer shoes is the key to a style that retains one of the most desirable effects: slimming the figure and thus, by showing the skin from the tips of the feet, you will create the effect of having longer legs.

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Re: Transparent shoes with a long dress

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