New NFT games

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New NFT games

Příspěvekod carlosbenini11 » pon 25. dub 2022 18:55:55

I wanna play and earns money :lol:

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Re: New NFT games

Příspěvekod robertopupka » pon 25. dub 2022 18:59:11

I know a great game where you can just run around and earn pretty good money .Metarun (previously GoFungibles) is the first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. The game includes a cross-chain marketplace for in-game NFT trading, and a whole spectrum of crypto-features for enabling Play-to-Earn mechanics.

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Re: New NFT games

Příspěvekod mellstroy1122 » pon 25. dub 2022 19:00:07

Quite an interesting game, you should try to play it!

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Re: New NFT games

Příspěvekod halomutov » stř 29. čer 2022 18:53:59

It's very interesting, but in fact I still prefer to play what everyone already knows. For me, this is cs go, which I recently discovered again for myself, besides, I found a huge number of skins on one great site and even bought awp fever dream for myself because it really works very cool and missions have become easier to pass.

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Re: New NFT games

Příspěvekod Ramzi » úte 30. srp 2022 3:05:31

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