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Many people around the world considered it the ideal invention, and the tremendous progress that took place in society in general throughout the ages, as it had a positive impact in all areas and aspects of life, the most important of which are:

It facilitated the process of moving and moving people, so that everyone had the freedom to move, to go to the place he wanted at any time, and at the speed he wanted.
The car also contributed to facilitating movement to workplaces and private residences without fatigue or effort.
It helped move goods, manufacturing machinery, and agricultural crops faster from places of manufacture to markets, and marketing places.
It achieved luxury and safety for humans, so the old means of transportation were more dangerous to humans, and also needed a great effort from the driver, and the engine for it, as it was a slow means, so when an individual wants to go to a remote place, or another governorate, this matter needs several days, which causes hardship for individuals.

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توصيل المطار مع طرقي

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